Friday, September 2, 2011

Weight Loss For Izzy Fundraising Challenge ~ Day 2 (Morning)

This is day 2 and I started out my morning with a fresh glass of juiced apples. I have gotta say that I LOOOOVVVVVE fresh and real apple juice and it is the only juice I can get my 8 year old son to try. Since he likes it, I buy him his own bag of apples and I make him a small glass each morning before school with his pancakes.
4 Golden Delicious Apples juiced.

For this morning's juice, however, I only had 3 apples left because I gave one to my son so he could have 2. 
This morning I will be riding my bike with my son to school. This is a new things for the both of us and one I look forward to because it helps to wake me up as well as get me moving. I need all the little encouragements as I can get. When I get back, I will be juicing another watermelon to take with me to work so I have lunch and snack. 

Tonight I go, with my mom and son, to a fundraiser for Izzy taking place in Orlando. She and I are donating a gift basket in which all the proceeds go to Izzy.

Here is the link to check out the raffle:
The gift baskets can be raffled to those who cannot make the party and will be shipped out to the winner when the raffle is over. Please consider buying a raffle for Izzy.


I will post another update later on today. I probably will not be exercising much today because of my busy schedule and the fact that I am traveling to Lutz, FL to my mom's house and then we are traveling to Orlando together.

Thank you for reading and hopefully you will be inspired to follow along in the Weight Loss For Izzy Fundraising Challenge! (click the link to find out more about Izzy's Fundraising events)

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