Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weight Loss For Izzy Fundraising Challenge ~ Day 2 (Evening)

Ok, so I did not get to exercise today because I had a lot of running around to do with the fundraiser in Orlando for Izzy. You can check out the fundraisers that are going on now at  WOW Bright Smiles.

Anywho, I only munched on veggies and fruit at the party and I was very good. I drank watermelon juice and water after I got home and went to bed. Tomorrow my mom and I are going veggie/fruit shopping to make more juice and taking a walk or playing the Wii Just Dance.

I will keep you posted.

Thank you to Lisa Mundell Burnett for putting Izzy at the heart of her party and for making such a wonderful event and raffle to help benefit her!

You can check out photos of last night's party here... Wow Bright Smiles Spa Party Photos

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