Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weight Loss For Izzy Fundraising Challenge ~ Day 5

Ok, so today I start 2 new classes and a new year in my online Associates Degree program at the University of Phoenix! I am excited but nervous because the format and requirements have changed a bit and I am hoping that I do not miss posting assignments on time.

In other, I will be walk/jogging on my own and then my friend Meghan is coming over later to do some (boot camp) like exercises with me. Meghan is also doing a juice fast and wanting to get back into her exercise routine since she has been lagging a bit lately so we are going to motivate each other. You can do this to with a friend of yours. I say to show everyone you know the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" by Joe Cross (NETFLIX) and also watch the documentary "Forks Over Knives." Both are extremely informative, inspiring, and motivating.

My goal is to motivate others while I motivate myself. One way to keep track of your progress is to join Daily Mile and friend me so we can motivate one another! You can follow my blog, create your own blog, or do a video blog...whatever works to help keep you focused... I believe the most important step is to start slow and change your diet.

When I started juicing, I got massive amounts of energy and it enabled me to start my exercise routine. When I don't run/jog/walk I dance to Just Dance 1 on my Wii or The Michael Jackson Experience on my Wii. I also have Wii Fit and I think I will start doing the Yoga exercises and balancing exercises on it just to keep things interesting. I also have a hoola hoop, a jump rope, and a bike. Change is great and it helps keep the routine from getting boring and uninteresting. Do what makes you happy and keeps you moving, even if it is only a walk around the block.

If you wish to start a juicing regime you can check out Join The Reboot which is a website designed by the creators of "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" to help support you while you begin your journey into juice fasting. Another good reboot site is their facebook page at Reboot Facebook, LIKE the page and you can converse with others on this journey and ask questions that you may have on your juice fast. I highly recommend juice fasting at least 5-10 days so you reboot your palate, detox your body from toxic food and substances, and begin to feel energy for life. Everyone detoxes at their own pace and it all depends on how much and how long you have been abusing your body. My mother has fasted for 26 days now and it took her 10 days to get over her detox and feel rejuvinated! She has been abusing her body for a long time and it took her 10 days. Some people detox after 3 and some after 5; it all depends on their body and their body's needs.

Of course you may comment on my blog and you could post your weight loss if you are doing the challenege but I recommend either starting Daily Mile or Blogging on your own and following my blog as well. If you post your blog for me, I will follow it as well.

Remember, we're on this journey together! Let's BEAT THE FAT and Let's BEAT LEUKEMIA!!


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