Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weight Loss For Izzy Fundraising Challenge ~ Day 4

  • This morning I woke up tired but I'm doing well. I drank water and had my first glass of green lemonade.

Green Lemonade

Approximately 64 ounces for the whole jug. I drink about 16 oz glasses at one time and drink 4-6 glasses throughout the day.

Green Lemonade ingredients are as follows:
2 cucumbers
2 zuchinni or squash (optional but tasy)
1 lemon
1 pound of spinich (normally less when using kale)
(when budget allows 2 bunches of kale but can double up on the spinich if not)
1 bunch of celery with leaves
4-6 golden (or green) apples (Recipe calls for granny smith but I found golden delicious to be tastier)

So this morning I will be off to work. I have 2 massages scheduled back to back and then I will return home to complete my finals for class. I think that I will go for a walk before I begin my school work because my back hurts from sleeping on my futon mattress and I need to move my muscles to aleviate that stiffness and achiness. Not to mention that I need to exercise after not doing so for 2 days in a row! I am commited to raise money for Izzy so I am motivated to keep going.

Just as a side note... I will not post my weight again until sept 15th when I will weigh in. My body is holding onto this plateu weight and refused to show up on the scale although my body IS changing and shrinking. Since I don't want to get discrourages, I will weight in every two weeks instead of every day.

  • What I want from you all today who are following me on this journey is to report your exercise for the day or if you didn't exercise today then in the last few days. Join Daily Mile and we can friend each other and you can keep track of your progress. 

Let's keep motivated and accountable. 

And now as a little reminder for why we all are here on this journey!
My son Elijah with Izzy around Christmas on 2010

Don't forget that we have bracelets on sale $5 each to help raise money for Izzy as well as many other fundraisers going on that can be found on Team Izzy Findraiser Page

Again, thank you for coming on this journey with me and I wish you best of luck!

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