Friday, September 9, 2011

Weight Loss For Izzy Fundraising Challenge ~ Day 8 & 9

So....I was hoping to try to boost my weight loss since it was moving along at a snails pace and decide to do my fast completely for 3 days. Since my budget won't allow me to fast completely for longer periods of time I will fast for 3 in a row as many days as I can. So now for the really good news.

In 2 days I lost 5 pounds!!!!!

Yay for me!!

I have to say the first day is hard and food cravings come on strong. I know I was only eating a salad for dinner but when you are looking forward to that at the end of the day, it does wonders to help you stay on track and juicing for most of the day. I did eat some watermelon which is allowed on a fast and believe me it is welcomed. Watermelon is so thirst quenching, nutritious, and it is called the diet eat up and enjoy.

So I was 201 pounds when I started this blog and I am now down to 196. I have a LOT more to lose but I am going in the right direction! I walked last night with my neighbor for 2.87 miles in an 54 minutes. I felt great. I beat my miles of exercise from last week but to be fair, I only started logging them on Thursday of last week and this week's log began on Monday. But nonetheless, I went from 6 miles last week to 12 miles so far this week and I still have 3 more days to log in some workouts. I am feeling great and I am looking forward to dropping more pounds for Izzy. I'm 11 pounds down so far, 75 more to go!

NOW, I want to hear from you ....the ones who are taking the challenge. Even if you did not lose yet, share some of your experiences with me. We cannot be in this together when we don't share so I encourage you to. We can help motivate one another in this journey....

There are but a few pieces of motivation for me

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